CDC says, "Oh yeah...we forgot a small part of our study of FEMA trailers..."

FEMA's family sized coffins

CBS is reporting that FEMA put pressure on the CDC to supress any conclusions as to the long-term effects of the formaldehyde that saturated the trailers given to Katrina survivors. Most likely those conclusions would have included words like: DEATH, CANCER, UNHEALTHY, HORROR, etc.
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Don't mess with corrupt school principals/school boards


From stories that I read where teachers are forced to give kids the answers to standardized tests, to stories told to me FIRST HAND about principals reversing failing grades to increase graduation rate, nothing really surprises me about corruption in our public schools.

Like the story of McKinley High School senior Jayvonna Kincannon. She attempted to speak to the school board in favor of the suspiciously-fired woman's basketball coach, Michelle Stiles. Well, McKinley Principal Crystal Barton was having none of that. Possibly in an attempt to keep the nature of the firing of the coach under wraps, Barton had Kincannon suspended from school for 7 weeks. The reasons were that Kincannon allegedly cut school (which is under dispute), used a cell phone at school (which she admits) and wore a sweatshirt to school with a hood.

I'm sure parents of students at the Buffalo area school feel safer that such a bad influence is having her future endangered because of some vendetta between Barton and Stiles(including any supporters).
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Bailey is America's Most popular dog for the 17th straight year

He is SUCH a good boy!

Once again, Bailey has held his title as America's Most Popular Dog (although the website mistakenly used a pic of some yellow lab). Gary is hot on his heels at #4 and Lucian has finally broken into the rankings at #10.
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State protesting expected surge of Mexicans looking for work...A Mexican state, that is...

EEpa EEPa...EEEha!  Andale'!

Arizona is about to pass a law that will punish businesses for employing illegal immigrants. Oh boy, does the Mexican state of Sonora have a problem with that.

"the legislators said Sonora...cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools it will face as illegal Mexican workers here return to their hometowns without jobs or money."

The Mexican legislators had no comment when asked how they expected the Arizona municipalities to provide civil services (like education, police servicing, roads, etc.) for the non-tax-paying workers that would remain if this law isn't passed.
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Sentance Diagram of the Preamble to the Constitution

Mr. Schram would be proud...

So it basically says "We do ordain and establish this Constitution." God the forefathers were wordy...
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Posted by: sleze brings Allegheny Power TO ITS KNEES!

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Allegheny Power guilty of mail fraud?

You don't pay and we will kill you...r power...

Here's how the scam works. Allegheny Power is sending all its customers 2 CFL light bulbs to promote efficiency (without asking them). It then adds $0.96 to your bill each month to pay for them (which is $12/year). If you refuse to pay that $0.96 on your bill, they will threaten to cut off your power (blackmail?). BTW - you can buy a 4 pack of CFLs from Lowes for $2.95.

So if you're an Alleghency customer, you might want to contact your attorney general because billing someone for something you sent them unsolicited is against federal law.
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Why do prescription drugs cost so much? Because that 30 second Allegra Ad cost $50k!

We lose money on drugs so we have to charge to advertise the successes...

The old mantra of the pharmaceutical industry is the reason they charge $100/presecription of drug x is that drugs G,H and I were failures that cost millions. But a new study has confirmed that while American drug companies spend $31 billion on those non-working drugs, they spend even more on advertising. How much more? Try $57 Billion. Yes, you read that correctly. The American pharmaceutical industry spent $57,000,000,000 on advertising. Perhaps if they did a bit less advertising, senior citizens wouldn't have to choose between their monthly drug bills and their heating bills.
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California takes their child annoyance laws VERY seriously

That's a misdemeanor

A man faces a year in jail for 2 counts of annoying children in California. Yes, I wrote that correctly. He was charged with 2 counts of annoying a child.
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