Interesting take on Christianity

Jesus wants your BRAINS!!

Have you ever realized that Jesus was actually the second zombie in history (Lazerus was first)?
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Boy Scout Saves Kids from Wild Driver

Boy Scouts always come through...

A 14-year old Boy Scout evacuated several kids from a car before a crazy lady rammed it with another car. The rest of the story is kind of boring.

That crazy lady, identified as Holly Kay Highfield, was actually driving those kids when she intentionally hit a bicylist; attempted to carjack another car; successfully carjacked yet another car before ramming her OWN car (when the hero Boy Scout saved the day), then rammed a fence and finished by running around in a circle taking her clothes off. Tada!
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Polar Bear vs. Dog

He is SUCH a good bear!

Don't try this at home, kids...

Update: Check out the video of the encounter.
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One of the richest parts of Los Angeles is ground zero for its rat population

But I LOVE them!

Meet Margaret and Marjorie Barthel of 1018 Fiske Street in the Palisades of Los Angeles, CA. What makes them so special? Well, they live in a $1.2 million house in this upscale neighborhood and may be responsible for introducing up to 500,000 rats into Los Angeles' booming rat population. How were they allowed to do this? One might look at the horrible beauracracy that is LA's Health Department. Inspectors have visited the Barthel's repeatedly but were stymied by the sisters' clever response of not opening the front door.
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