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Butterscotch Stallion


Santo - "Did you know that Owen Wilson likes to lick girls' asses?"

Paul, Eric, Frank - ???

Santo - "Yeah, his nickname is the 'Butterscotch Stallion' because he supposedly ate a girl's ass out for 2 hours."

Frank - "I guess it doesn't matter after the first 10 minutes.."

Paul - -Bleck-

Eric - "Yeah he's right, all the tasty stuff is gone after 10 minutes."

Paul - -BLECK- "We always knew there was something really wrong with you."

and in case you don't believe this...it is actually old news.
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Santo discussing rides to the bar for his birthday...

Santo - "Paul, you can just give me a ride there; I will take the ambulance home..."

For reference, look at pictures from his 21st birthday last year.
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On the way home from the Wings game...

So there we were...5 drunk guys leaving the Wach looking for more adventures. Jeremy was driving...

Health food

Frank - Let's go to Pat's
Eric - ...
Jeremy - Ehh...it's not a Pat's nite.
Frank - Awww...Come on
Jeremy - It's only 10:30
Eric - Yeah, we can still go to a "good" steak place
Frank - But I haven't had a Pat's Steak in months!
Paul - That's probably good for your heart, Frank
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Sierra was less than thrilled with Howard's first show...

So Sierra had to get up early for an interview on Monday(1/9/06) and that worked out well because it was Howard's first day on Sirius radio. So before we went to karaoke the nite before, I set my alarm for 6am. Of course I didn't have to get up so I kinda slept through the beginning and caught the show on the Pacific replay.

Howard Stern

So when I talked to her last nite, Sierra commented on the show.

Sierra - You were asleep. I woke up to a fart song. A FART SONG.
Eric - Yeah, I usually wake up with wierd dreams.
Sierra - I'm sure...
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Conversation during the Villanova/West Virginia game

(Herber is a WV player and his name is pronounced "Air Bear")

Eric - Carebear? CAREBEAR STARE!
Santo - Why was it called a stare? It came out of their stomachs.
Paul - Well they had to watch where they were staring.
Santo - Not really...they could turn their heads away and just have real bad aim.
Eric - Why was the Lion the leader?
Paul - The Lion was the leader of the cousins.
Santo - wow.

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