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An Open Letter to Manoj Nelliyattu Shyamalan - SPOILER ALERT

Swing and a miss...

OK. So it wasn't as bad as Eragon (the movie) was. But my god - you tried to cram 20x twenty minute episodes into 105 minutes. Let me give a brief rundown of MY complaints that I really haven't seen anywhere else: [ Read More ]
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An Open Letter to JW Marriott

King of Hotels

I am sorry.

Last week, I attended a conference in Orlando at a Wyndham Hotel. Although I am a Platinum member with >400k points, I decided that it would be easier to just stay at the Wyndham so that I could go back to my room between sessions and wouldn't have to drive in and out each day. Besides, Wyndhams are decent hotels, right?

WRONG - this place was a DUMP. The rugs were stained. The toilet wouldn't stop running. The Air Conditioner sounded like a jet engine. The TV's "On" button was broken (remote only). It is ironic that I discovered a Residence Inn RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET after I checked in. God, how I wish I left the room after one night.

So J.W., please forgive my indiscretion for staying at another hotel when I could have stayed at a Marriott. It won't happen again!

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Write your Congressman to overhaul the TSA

Security theater consists of security countermeasures intended to provide the feeling of improved security while doing little or nothing to actually improve security.

Because of the crotchbomber, the TSA made a bunch of jerk reactions that made no sense:
- No getting up for the last hour of the flight
- Nothing permitted on your lap (like a blanket)
- Feel up Frisk everyone who goes through security

Because of public outrage, all these silly requirements were rescinded shortly. The question really is, why are we putting up with this shit? Isreal is constantly being threatened by Muslim fundamentalists who want to destroy them but they are perfectly safe. How long does it take them to get from the car to the gate? Try 25 minutes. They do it by actually looking at the people instead of looking for the weapons used in previous attacks. Write your Congressman to turn the TSA into an Isreali version of security. It actually works and doesn't suck like today's Security Theater.
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A Tribute to John Stockton

No! JOHN STOCKTON is the Best Point Guard EVER

John Stockton, the all-time NBA leader in assists and steals, will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame by the second greatest true point guard ever, Isiah Thomas. To put his statistical accomplishments into perspective, he had 15,806 assists and 3,265 steals. The #2 assists leader was Marc Jackson with 10,334 assists and the #2 steals leader was Michael Jordan with only 2,514 steals.

He was an incredibly clutch shooter (watch the highlight videos), a tenacious defender, set picks better than most big men (because he usually cheated) and wore the shortest shorts in modern basketball. He was also selected as one of the 50 greatest basketball players of all time, was co-MVP of the NBA all-star game (he was a 10 time All-Star) and was a member of the original Dream Team - arguably the greatest team in the history of ALL sports. John Stockton was the greatest pure point guard of all time. He was (and still is) my basketball idol and he was always the player I imagined I was when I was playing.

And Jordan still pushed off...

Watch the hand on Brian Russell's ass at the 10 second mark.
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The problem with trailers today

You know, trailers today are almost universally superior to trailers from like 30 years ago. Because a good trailer can make or break a movie's opening weekend, they are VERY well produced. The problem with a growing number of them, though, is that they give too much away. Did you ever walk out of a movie having heard like 70% of the jokes BEFORE you stepped foot into the theater? Let's do an experiment. Below are the trailer and teaser for Hancock. Take a look. (there are movies to watch so click on the link)

[ Read More ]
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Indiana Jones and the Return to Acting School

Holy Botox, Batman!

It is difficult to describe how UNDER-whelmed I was by last night's viewing of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Don't worry; I won't give out any spoilers. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the supernatural/magical theme of this one (not too far from lightning shooting out of a golden box or people pulling still-beating hearts from chests).

No no.

The crappiness of this film is related mostly to the overacting of Harrison Ford and Karen Allen. They reminded me of actors in a high school play desparately trying to make sure that people at the back of the theater could see that Karen was happy or Indiana was sad. Relative newcomer, Shia LaBeouf, of the immortal movie Holes, was BY FAR the best actor on the screen last night. I might also add that the escape scenes bordered on the absurd (they give James Bond's escape in Goldfinger a run for its money).

I know most people will still go see it and they should. It is an OK movie. I would just recommend not changing any plans to go and see it.
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Congrats to Frank for making Philadelphia, the US's #1 City of Beer

Frank brings a Victory to the party...

A completely unbiased article by Philly.com promotes Philadelphia's Beer Week.
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I meant to write a piece of the Flyers game (and i will tomorrow) but what the Texans did is so unbelievably stupid that it takes priority. I don't even know what to say, i'm mostly horrified for Houston fans who have to deal with a disaster of a franchise in a great football market (There is not group of people more opposite to me than Texans, but even i respect their love for football).

Despite having 4 top ten picks in 5 years (the fith year they had the 16th pick), the team has show little to know improvement. Their problems, poor offensive line, inconsistent defense, no development from David Carr, seem clear to everyone BUT the brass in Houston.

And not drafting Bush makes a mess of all the mock drafts. Assuming the Saints don't trade the second pick, they will probably have to take either D'Brickashaw Ferguson or Vernon Davis (i like Davis here actually, its way to high for him, but i think he is a perfect fit for New Orleans and Drew Brees. If they trade out of the spot and drop a little they may still be able to get him).
The Saints say they will take Bush, but than they would probably have to trade Deuce McAllister, and most likely get 75 cents to the dollar for him. Ugh i can't even look at the board because of the mess this makes

Ideally, The Saints will swap with the packers, move to the fifth spot, where they can choose between Ferguson, Davis, or even AJ Hawk (WAY to high for a white linebacker if you ask me). The Packers draft Bush, Favre has a HUGE year (but still throws double digit interceptions). Than the Titans take Leinart (i prefer young for the Titans, but i really think Norm Chow will get his way), followed by the Jets taking Feguson, the Saints take Hawk or Davis, the niners take the other player. Thats the best i can guess, its probably way wrong. [ Read More ]
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We all have guilty pleasures. They hide in Ben and Jerry's containers in the freezer, or on DVD shelves between the Godfather and Pulp Fiction, where you'll find Jeepers Creepers 2 or A Knights Tale. Sometimes the guilty pleasures manifest themselves at the worst t ime, like when you get into your car with friends and realize you left the Avril Lavigne CD in the player, blasting on 11.

I'm not talking about cult favorites like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or Star Wars, i'm talking Charmed reruns on TNT after Law and Order, you know the type of television show you click off real fast when someone walks into the room like it was porno. And in reality, you wish it was, because at least you could explain that (its been awhile). There is no explaining singing and dancing at a red light to "Everybody" by the Backstreet Boys.

So i'll save everyone the trouble of walking in on me at the wrong time, (That time being sunday night from about 9:00-11:00 i don't know the actual schedule, because i am just attracted by some mysterious force to flip on VH1]

I love "so noTORIous" starring Tori Spelling. (continued by clicking the more button, its called a hook kids) [ Read More ]
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Philly Bias

Now, our roundball attention returns to the rotting corpse laying flat on the hardwood of the Wachovia Center where we once rushed, danced, and gave CPR to a dying sport in Philadelphia. The Sixers have been caught between changing eras, after lameduck coaches Randy Ayers and Chris Ford (ooh, that might get me in some trouble with the Alumni committee) Jim O’Brien brought a tougher defense, and a stagnant offense. Result? Boring team, quick exit to the Pistons in the playoffs.

This season, Maurice Cheeks created a more up-tempo style, relying on the play making ability of Allen Iverson, who averaged more points (33) and more assists (over seven) than the season he won the MVP. Result? Brief bouts of exciting scoring, followed by soul-sucking fourth quarter leads blown because the team doesn’t have the talent to keep up when the opposition plays defense, and doesn’t play enough defense to protect a lead.

I'll finish this post later, but i figured proof that im going to be actually writing more sports stuff in this space should be enough.....and i'll be editing and adding to a lot of stuff. Make sure to click the more button, cause all my stuff is long and i can't post it all or Eric will kill me... [ Read More ]
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