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Romney wins Ohio!

Your vote doesn't count

Election Systems and Solutions (ES&S) was caught installing untested "experimental" software on the voting machines in 44 Ohio counties, comprising 52% of registered voters there. Never heard of ES&S? They briefly owned Premier Election Solutions, which used to be known as Diebold Election Systems.
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Romney has lots of interest in Ohio Voting machines...

The best voting results money can buy

Are voting machine companies really profitable? Or are the side benefits more important? This is why I have an "Ohio Voting" category.

PS - Sorry about the print dialog box popping up. The normal version of the page was half covered in ads and pop-up bars.
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So were the VAST majority of Computer Scientists right about E-voting elections being rigged?

Trust but verify

The Open Voting Consortium has received source code to Sequoia Voting System's software and ohhh boy. Let's just say that if your polling district uses SVS machines, you might as well not vote. Do you think the "secret" code of the other E-voting companies is any different?
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Witness about to testify crashes in a plane that "mysteriously" runs out of gas

Don't cross the GOP

Remember that whole controversy with the White House using non-government email for government related communications? Yeah? Well, Michael Connell, the head IT guy for the non-governmental email system (mostly related to Ohio elections), was about to testify in the case and tell the court everything he knew. Unfortunately, he made the mistake of going outside and doing stuff like going for a ride in his airplane. He died instantly when his plane fell out of the air, apparently out of gas.

"'Mr. Connell has confided that he was being threatened, something that his attorneys also told the judge in the Ohio election fraud case,' concluded Alexandrovna."
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Crack police unit uncovers massive fraud in 2004 elections...fired right before 2008 elections

And it's not even Ohio

Apparently the release of a 67-page report exposing the massive amounts of fraud in Milwaukee didn't sit well with the big wigs of of the city. They recently informed Mike Sandvick, head of the Milwaukee Police Department's five-man Special Investigative Unit, not to send any police to the polling location, essentially ending the function of the group. Sandvick is retiring in protest.

Voter Fraud is treason.
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Ohioian voter fraud is spreading even FURTHER south...to Tennessee

I vote Zombies

In Decatur County, Tennessee, iVotronic touch-screen machines made by Election Systems & Software are registering some votes for John McCain as votes for Barack Obama. Turns out that ES&S voting machines have had problems for 5 years, and yet they are still the largest company in the industry. Yeah, that closed source, unverifiable voting software was a definate improvement over the paper ballots.

Voter Fraud is treason.
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Ohioian Voter Fraud is spreading south...

Do you think your vote really counts?

News from early voting in West Virginia, immediately south of Ohio...the voter fraud capital of the US, is that when you vote for Obama, the computer switches your vote to McCain. Only after repeatedly click Obama does the computer screen actually report you voted for him.

But if you don't want to wait to find out who wins, Diebold mistakenly released the results of next month's election back in February.

Voter Fraud is treason.
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Wanna see how easy it is to defraud an election?

Who needs secure voting, anyhow?

The California Secretary of State comissioned the University of California, Santa Barbara to perform an evaluation of the Sequoia voting system that California uses to ensure democracy. Read about how EASY it is to subvert our way of life.

Here is a link to the video that shows it all (3gp is some Quicktime movie format). Voter fraud is treason.
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Diebold doesn't limit its voter fraud questionable configuration management practices to Ohio

Of course your vote counts.  Yeah.  That's the ticket!

Whoops! Looks like an uncertified "emergency patch" was installed on Georgia's Diebold voting machines just prior to the upset election victories of Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and US Senator Saxby Chambliss in 2002. Diebold is now known as Premier Election Solutions. You can change the name but you can't change the history of treason.
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Kentuckians who changed parties to affect the primaries? No democracy for YOU!

Rush is Right!  Except when he encourages voter fraud.

That whole voter fraud telling people to change political parties to skew the primary elections up? Yeah, no...that doesn't always workout as you thought. Kentucky Dittoheads who followed Rush's illegal advice have discovered that when you change parties, you can't vote in the primaries that year. Whoops!
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