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Be sure to return your child's Gerber Machete

Aurora only uses safe Buck knives

Gerber has announced a recall of the GerberŪ Bear Grylls Parang Machetes. Be sure to keep your kids from playing with them until you get a safer machete.
Category: Stuff
Posted by: sleze

Progressive will pay to defend your killer?

Defending your life

This is the story of Matt Fisher's sister. She was killed while driving her car by an underinsured driver. Because she had Progressive's underinsured driver protection, they were on the hook to make up the difference from her killer's insurance. They fought it and ended up defending the guy in court. I hope that's not how AAA works.
Category: Shady Law
Posted by: sleze

For those long trips where Sierra wants to send me a kiss

Category: Freaky
Posted by: sleze

Photographer Pop-Quiz - What is wrong with this photo of CAnalfest?

Lots of people lining the streets for analfest

Click hear to see the full size photo (and the article).
Category: Humor
Posted by: sleze

Americas Manliest Cities 2011

Example of manliness

Here are the 2011 Manliest cities:
1.Nashville, TN
2.Charlotte, NC
3.Oklahoma City, OK
4.Memphis, TN
5.Columbia, SC

Here is the whole list.
Category: News
Posted by: sleze

Larry Bird swiftly ends Kobe Bryant's attempt to Troll the Sports World

Larry Legend is still talking trash...

Kobe Bryant thinks this year's Olympic Basketball Team could beat the greatest team in the history of sports. Larry Bird agrees with him as only he knows how...
Category: Humor
Posted by: sleze

Denise Rich renounces US Citizenship

So hot

I guess she had enough of a culture the idolizes Charlie Sheen...
Category: News
Posted by: sleze

See! Aurora wants a pet Lynx

SUCH a good wild animal

Sophia, 11, has been living with her pet lynx since her parents brought it back from an animal sanctuary as a cub four years ago. Gary wants a bigger cat friend.
Category: Awww
Posted by: sleze

Say No to Vertical videos

Category: Entertainment
Posted by: sleze

Two Minutes of Runway Models Falling Over

Category: Entertainment
Posted by: sleze

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