The Coming War on General Computing

Here we have Cory Doctorow from BoingBoing giving a speech on the political war against general computing. What does that actually mean? Well, in simple terms, he is referring to the "securing" of content from music/movie/software companies so that computers are prevented from manipulating them in ways those same music/movie/software companies don't want you to. Examples of this would be - not being able to fast forward during a commercial or during that stupid FBI warning or playing music purchase for an IPhone on another mp3 player.

In more complex terms (and now we are gonna get Computer Science-y) General Computers are devices that are Universal Turing Machines. UTMs are essentially capable of performing any computer algoritm (you desktop computer and smartphone are examples). Now, some UTMs will do it very slowly. For example, the first computer ever created, ENIAC, is hypothetically capable of performing the algorithms of today's fastest would just take until the end of time to do so. What the copyright trolls are doing is attempting to forbid these general computers from doing everything they are capable of doing.

And yes...that is a bad thing.

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Posted 12/29/11 by: sleze


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